Social Distancing @ the McDuffie House

It is a strange time. COVID-19 has done significant damage to Louisiana, and has upended life for many people. The governor of Louisiana issued a Stay at Home Order on March 22 that would last until the early parts of April. He then extended the Stay at Home Order to last until April 30. And based off recent news, it seems like there is a decent probability that he will extend the Stay at Home Order again. So what does the McDuffie household look like during a Stay at Home Order? I’m glad you asked because I have a little extra time to tell you.


Kahlie has been baking like a Paula Dean mini me. Our family only consists of two people so that means we have ample goods for me, myself, and I!


Ice Cream

Let’s be honest, Kahlie and I eat ice cream pretty frequently. And when we eat Ice Cream, we partake in Bluebell  Tillamook. You read that properly. Out with Bluebell and in with Tillamook Mudslide. This time of social distancing has given us ample opportunity to eat this most delicious ice cream.



Though we have eaten entirely too many sweets, we have balanced it with working out. We are using the Stay at Home order to get in better shape. Just this week I rewarded my running efforts by purchasing my first ever GPS running watch. It is the Garmin Forerunner 235. I’m pretty stoked about it (hopefully it will come in before the Stay at Home Order is lifted)!



Kahlie and I have been reading a lot. I have been focusing on books related to church history, Christology, and the Trinity.


Kahlie has been reading different kinds of books.



Much time has been spent playing Monopoly Deal. Though Kahlie wouldn’t want me to say this, I have been dominating her in this game.



Kahlie is memorizing her first full book of the Bible. She is almost done with the entire book of Titus! I have been re-memorizing the book of Galatians because I am going to begin teaching the youth on it when we return to normalcy. If you want to learn more about Scripture memorization then check out this resource:



Blue Bloods has been our T.V. show throughout this time of social distancing (and before social distancing). You need to give it a shot if you’ve never seen it. I have pretty much adopted Tom Selleck’s character, Frank Reagan, as my T.V. dad.


Supporting Darrell’s

Darrell’s in Lake Charles has been our go to place ever since we moved to Louisiana. Thankfully, during social distancing, we can still grab a to-go order from Darrell’s. And if you ever find yourself driving through Lake Charles, you should really consider stopping to eat there. It is super good!



What about Tomorrow?

I am not sure what tomorrow is going to look like. News changes quickly. Different states take different measures. But Kahlie and I plan on continuing to enjoy the small aspects of life. We will sit on the front porch and read as we let our white legs get a little sun. We will run up and down our road breathing in the cool spring air. We will put on Blue Bloods, fix a bowl of Tillamook, and admire the grandeur of Tom Selleck’s mustache. And we will rest in the fact that God is sovereign over all things; from the spread of COVID-19 to the excitement of tastebuds when they encounter the savory flavor of a Darrell’s special.

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