Brief Biography

My name is Philip McDuffie. I’m a Christian, a husband to Kahlie, and a father to one daughter. I worship and serve as an associate pastor at First Baptist Church of Longville in Longville, Louisiana.

A Brief Testimony

I made a profession of faith when I was in the fourth grade. If behavior is an indicator of belief, and it is, it became apparent that I was nothing other than a gospel hypocrite. Even though I professed to be a Christian, I walked as an enemy of the cross of Christ. All the while I professed Christ as Lord, I gave my allegiance to Satan, sin, and self,

Thankfully, this changed during my freshmen year of college. In the fall of 2010, God the Father graciously drew me to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I began to aspire to become a pastor shortly after the Lord caused me to be born again. Now, in the gracious providence of God, I serve as an associate pastor at a rural Southern Baptist Church in Longville, Louisiana.

My Interests

I love hanging out and taking walks with my family. I consider it a joy to serve the local church in whatever ways will honor the Lord and contribute to its health. One of my favorite ways to spend my time is drinking coffee and reading good books.

Why a Personal Blog?

I don’t blog because I’m an expert that needs to be heard. And I don’t blog because I think I’m an expert that needs to be heard—though I do try to write about topics that I’m pretty familiar with! Rather, I blog because I enjoy writing about certain aspects of the Christian faith. And I hope and pray that the Lord will use the little I actually write to edify and build up the Christians that take the time to read.

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