About Me

My name is Philip McDuffie and I am happily married to Kahlie. We currently live in Longville, Louisiana. She serves as an Occupational Therapy Assistant and I serve as the Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church of Longville. I have been at First Baptist Church of Longville for about a year. Before I started ministry here, I served at First Baptist Church of Durham for three and a half years. My ultimate desire is to one day pursue a senior pastorate position. However, seeing as how I am twenty-nine years old, I am not in any rush!

I love hanging out with my wife, serving the local church, reading good books, and drinking coffee. I would rather sit at the house than travel, watch a marvel movie than college football, buy food instead of clothing, and go to bed early instead of late!

Though I am not an expert in anything, I have enjoyed blogging about certain aspects of the Christian faith. I do this for three reasons:

  1. I enjoy writing
  2. Maybe some people will benefit from it
  3. Maybe God will be glorified through it

Anyhow, thanks for visiting my online home!

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