Spurgeon on Godly Mothers

What did the Prince of Preachers have to say about mothers? With some of the quotes below, you will see that C.H. Spurgeon had a deep respect for mothers and the incredible influence they have within the home.


“Most men are what their mothers made them.”

“As is the gardener such is the garden, as is the wife such is the family.”

“Grace does not run in the blood, but we generally find that the Timothies have mothers of a godly sort.”

“Good mothers are very dear to their children. There’s no mother in the world like our own mother.”

“A mother who trains her children aright had need to be wiser than Solomon, for his son turned out a fool.”

“Home is the best place for boys and men, and a good mother is the soul of the home.”

“The smile of a mother’s face has enticed many into the right path, and the fear of bringing a tear into her eye has called off many a man from evil ways.”

“The devil never reckons a man to be lost so long as he has a good mother alive.”

“Fathers and mothers are the most natural agents for God to use in the salvation of their children. I am sure that, in my early youth, no teaching ever made such an impression upon my mind as the instruction of my mother. Neither can I conceive that, to any child, there can be one who will have such influence over the young heart as the mother who has so tenderly cared for her offspring. A man with a soul so dead as not to be moved by the sacred name of ‘mother’ is creation’s blot.”

“Never could it be possible for any man to estimate what he owes to a godly mother.”

Last One

After all that, it is fitting to end with this one:

“O woman, great is thy power! See to it that it be used for him who thought of his mother even in the agonies of death.”

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