2 Brief Thoughts Regarding Evangelism

Here lately I have been thinking about evangelism a great deal. This has led me to speak about it often, to read books on it, and to walk through books with other people regarding it. Also, to my surprise, an older individual in the church that I worship at informed me just last week that he has consistently been praying for me concerning evangelism.

And honestly, I am not entirely sure why this has been so prevalent in my thinking, but I do hope that it continues to be. With all that being said, I just want to lay out two thoughts that have been on my mind in hopes that it will help you out.

Evangelism on the Mind

The more I reflect on this topic, the more confident I am that one of the main reasons that people do not evangelize is simply because they are not mindful of it. You see, we talk about what we are interested in and have been thinking about. During football season, we talk about football. During baseball season, we talk about baseball. When we have our first kid, we talk about parenting. Every four years we talk about the presidential election. This is simply how we function as people. We talk about what we are interested in at that particular moment. Thus, when we are not thinking about evangelism we do not evangelize. Therefore, one of the quickest ways to become a faithful evangelist is to be mindful of evangelism. We must cultivate an interest in evangelism that is so incredibly pertinent to us that we view every conversation we have as a possible opportunity to speak about our Lord.

Consistently Conversational

Another reason I believe people to not evangelize often is because we have become wrapped up in the individualistic culture of our day. With this being the case, we keep to ourselves. We walk into a coffee shop and do not seek to begin a conversation with people. We check out our groceries and do not seek to establish a conversation with anybody. And if we do happen to have a conversation with somebody, it tends to be rather shallow and superficial. I am convinced that this type of mentality really does keep us from evangelizing. If we would simply seek to establish conversations, as well as remain in conversations, then we would have more and more opportunities to speak about our Savior.

Hopefully Helpful

Obviously, nothing that I said is breathtaking. None of this is groundbreaking at all. However, I am confident that if we, as Christians, were mindful of evangelism all the while initiating and maintaining conversations with people then we would be better stewards of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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