Six of My Favorite Books for 2014

Preaching & Preachers by Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones

Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones does a masterful job at teaching you the dangerous duty of preaching in this book. It is recommended by many men (Piper, DeYoung, Dever, Macarthur, Lawson) and I understand why now. You will not ascend the pulpit the same way when you read this remarkable book written by the greatest pastor in the 20th century.

Expository Preaching by David Helm
This book is on my top six because it is very applicable. During this time of my life, I did not only need Martyn Lloyd Jones to show me the reverence I need for the pulpit and the gift of preaching, but I also needed an applicable book to tell me how to convey the Word of God to the people of God faithfully for the glory of God. 
From Heaven He Came and Sought Her by David & Jonathan Gibson
This was my first in depth study of definite atonement and I enjoyed it thoroughly. As a young calvinist, I needed to better understand this doctrine and this book helped me to do just that.
The Cross of Christ by John Stott
This was the second John Stott book that I have ever read but I hear from many that it is his most famous work. I can understand why many would say this because it was a brilliant display of the work of Christ on the cross. John Stott increases your affections for Jesus in this book. 
Spurgeon is my favorite theologian, pastor, preacher, and writer. All his works are timeless and will prove to be edifying to the body of Christ long after I am gone and for that I am grateful. This book gave me so much insight to this pastor whom I have come to love and thank God for. 
Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
Screwtape Letters makes it to the top six because it was such a joyful read. I cannot begin to understand the mind of C. S. Lewis as he wrote this book. I turned each page with eager anticipation to see what the workers of darkness would do to get the child of God to fall and I left praising God for His faithfulness in preserving his children until the end

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